KS LEV Carbon

Weight: 385-466g
Diameters Length / Travel

400mm / 65mm

Introducing the all new LEV Ci: 65mm - 175mm of lean, mean, saddle dropping machine. LEV’s legendary zero movement cable technology is now housed in an svelte and stealthy unidirectional carbon fiber mast with a black hard anodized stanchion tube. A high compression-molded carbon fiber head is light and micro adjustable with twin titanium bolts while our all-new RECOURSE ULTRALIGHT cable system saves up to 28 grams over standard shifter cables and housing.


Diameter 30.9mm
Length / Travel 400mm/65mm, 390/125mm, 440/150mm, 490/175mm
Actuation KGSL carbon remote w/ RECOURSE ULTRALIGHT zero movement cable system
Head / Rail Zero offset two-bolt micro adjustment / standard rail
Color UD carbon mast / black collar / hard black anodized stanchion
Weight 385-466g

UK Pricing

  • £450.00 30.9mm / 65mm - Internal Routing
  • £450.00 31.6mm / 65mm - Internal Routing
  • £460.00 30.9mm / 65mm - External Routing
  • £460.00 31.6mm / 65mm - External Routing
  • £480.00 30.9mm / 125mm - Internal
  • £480.00 31.6mm / 125mm - Internal
  • £500.00 30.9mm / 150mm - Internal
  • £500.00 31.6mm / 150mm - Internal
  • £510.00 27.2mm / 120mm - Internal
  • £540.00 30.9mm / 175mm - Internal
  • £540.00 31.6mm / 175mm - Internal
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