syncros started out as a small, high end component company on Vancouver's North Shore. A fresh approach to design led to timeless components that generated pride among those who had a syncros part or two bolted on, and envy among those who didn't. That was when a mountain bike was just that - a bike made for riding in the mountains. In those days, syncros parts were revered for their beauty, strength, and light weight. Those were the days when a new seatpost was considered a major bike upgrade, purple anodizing was avant garde, and suspension was just a twinkle in the eye of a few motocrazy engineers.

We can't go back to those simpler times, and knowing how fun today's bikes are to ride, we wouldn't want to. But we can remind each other that whether you're clocking vert all day in the bike park, ripping epic singletrack in the alpine backcountry, or banging elbows trying to chase down that holeshot, we're all really just a bunch of big kids riding our bikes in the mountains. In a way, syncros has come full circle. And we couldn't be happier about it.

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