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Juliana Furtado

When you just want one, this is the one.

The go-to model for all-round riders, the Furtado proves that what goes up (well) can come down (equally well), too.

The balance of 130mm VPP travel and a 66.5° head tube angle delivers a package that’s nimble on tight technical stuff yet perfectly poised on tricky descents too.

The upper-link driven VPP design is engineered to beultra-responsive. A firm initial stroke creates tight pedaling performance straight off the bat, while Juliana’s lighter shock tune remains supple enough to handle small bumps and keep things feeling playful. Deeper into the travel the progressive shock rate delivers a subtle bottom-out resistance that makes it feel like there’s more travel than there actually is.

The Furtado’s is suitable for almost all types of riders and trails. It has a unique personality that ranges from feisty dance partner on hot laps to trusty companion on more far flung adventures. We spec 2.6-inch tires on Reserve 37 rims because we feel it’s the sweet spot between traction and finesse, but there’s still enough clearance for up to 2.8-inch tires for those who want more grip.

Some people want a garage full of bikes for every occasion. Others want just one that’s good for any occasion. The Furtado is that bike.

Use: Trail

Frame Features

  • Wheel size: 27.5" or 27.5"+
  • Rear travel: 130mm
  • Designed for: XC & Trail

UK Pricing

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Build Kit Specs


Bearing Adjustment Guideline

Please refer to the new Bearing Adjustment Guide - Angular Contact & Radial Bearings to ensure your bearings are optimised to run smoothly.


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High Setting

    XS S M
A Reach 390mm15.35" 420mm16.54" 440mm17.32"
B Stack 570mm22.44" 589mm23.19" 598mm23.54"
C Head Tube Angle 66.5°66.5° 66.5°66.5° 66.5°66.5°
D Seat Tube Length 370mm14.57" 380mm14.96" 405mm15.94"
E Front Center 679mm26.73" 717mm28.23" 741mm29.17"
F BB Height 334mm13.15" 334mm13.15" 334mm13.15"
G BB Drop 20mm0.79" 20mm0.79" 20mm0.79"
H Wheelbase 1106mm43.54" 1142mm44.96" 1166mm45.91"
I Chainstay Length 425mm16.73" 425mm16.73" 425mm16.73"
J Head Tube Length 100mm3.94" 120mm4.72" 130mm5.12"
K Top Tube Length 538mm21.18" 574mm22.6" 598mm23.54"
L Seat Tube Angle 75.2°75.2° 75.2°75.2° 75.2°75.2°
M Standover Height 690mm27.17" 710mm27.95" 713mm28.07"
N Eye to Eye Length      

Low Setting

    XS S M
A Reach 387mm15.24" 417mm16.42" 437mm17.2"
B Stack 573mm22.56" 591mm23.27" 600mm23.62"
C Head Tube Angle 66.2°66.2° 66.2°66.2° 66.2°66.2°
D Seat Tube Length 370mm14.57" 380mm14.96" 405mm15.94"
E Front Center 679mm26.73" 717mm28.23" 741mm29.17"
F BB Height 330mm12.99" 330mm12.99" 330mm12.99"
G BB Drop 24mm0.94" 24mm0.94" 24mm0.94"
H Wheelbase 1106mm43.54" 1143mm45" 1167mm45.94"
I Chainstay Length 426mm16.77" 426mm16.77" 426mm16.77"
J Head Tube Length 100mm3.94" 120mm4.72" 130mm5.12"
K Top Tube Length 539mm21.22" 575mm22.64" 598mm23.54"
L Seat Tube Angle 74.9°74.9° 74.9°74.9° 74.9°74.9°
M Standover Height 684mm26.93" 704mm27.72" 707mm27.83"
N Eye to Eye Length      

Size Guide


Warranty & Registration

Lifetime Frame Warranty

Juliana Bicycles will repair or replace at its option any frame it determines to be defective. The warranty will be in effect for lifetime of the original, registered owner. In order to confirm that you are the original owner, we require that you register on our Warranty page at the time of purchase. Frames produced prior to Model Year 2016 are covered under the previously stated five-year warranty. Warranties do not cover custom finishes.

Lifetime Bearing Warranty

Juliana Bicycles frame bearings are warranted for life to the original owner of the bike. The return process is simple: send your used bearings back to Juliana Bicycles in an envelope marked "Warranty Bearing Replacement", and be sure to include your return address. We'll turn your package around within 48 hours, and cover the shipping back to you. That's it!

No-Fault Replacement

Juliana Bicycles will make replacement parts available to the original owner at a minimal charge in the event of a crash or other non-warranty situation for the life of the bike.

About the Juliana Bicycles Brand

We are Juliana Bicycles and we create mountain bikes at the forefront of women's cycling.

We take huge pride in the fact that all our bicycles are designed, tested and hand built in California with the help of our friends at Santa Cruz Bicycles.

We believe in delivering the best trail riding experience possible by trusting in proven geometries and engineering. We utilize leading carbon fiber technology and proprietary VPP(TM) suspension to keep things light and efficient on our race-winning flagship models.

Input from our family of riders ensures the Juliana approach defines the details and finishing kits of every bike. Because that's what simply makes sense. Together we stay at the leading edge of women's cycling, and stay true to our goal of keeping things uncomplicated, feminine and fun.

Multiple World Champion Juli Furtado led the way for women in mountain biking with the original Juliana model in 1999. We've since grown into a fully fledged women's line within the Santa Cruz family, distinguished by a creative freedom, allure and spirit that's uniquely Juliana.