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KS Drop Zone

Weight: 446-526g
Diameters Length / Travel
385mm / 125mm

The Dropzone takes our Supernatural powers and brings them closer to earth…dirt, mud and rocks, that is. Built with a layback head for when the pitch gets steep and the distance between you and the ground gets interesting. The Dropzone’s 125mm of silky smooth travel sums up all that is elegant about this post. Everything else about it is low, hunkered, down and dirty.


Diameter   30.9mm
    385mm / 125mm
Actuation   Head mount lever
Head / Rail   20mm offset single-bolt / standard rail
Color   Black ano mast / black collar / hard anodized stanchion
Weight   446-526g

UK Pricing

  • £150.00 30.9mm
  • £150.00 31.6mm
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