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LEV INTEGRA’S internally routed cable significantly cleans up the look of your bike. With shifter cables, brake lines and lock out cables clamped and zip tied to your carbon fiber piece of art, mountain bike frames have begun to look like an IT guy’s fantasy. Clear the clutter while benefiting from legendary LEV technology.

• Forged alloy micro adjustable head with black steel bolts
• Up to 175mm of infinitely adjustable travel
• Adjustable air sprung hydraulic cartridge
• Hard anodised stanction
• Patented one-way roller-clutch bearing
• Black lazer etched seat collar
• Precision machined alloy mast
• User-friendly cable interface specifically designed for internal frame routing
• Compatible with all Southpaw, KG and Westy style remotes

Diameters / Length / Travel / Weight
27.2 / 340mm / 65mm / 432g
27.2 / 375mm / 65mm / 455g
27.2 / 410mm / 100mm / 470g
27.2 / 460mm / 120mm / 515g
30.9 / 300mm / 80mm / 410g
30.9 / 340mm / 100mm / 426g
30.9 / 390mm / 125mm / 464g
30.9 / 440mm / 150mm / 504g
30.9 / 490mm / 175mm / 545g
31.6 / 300mm / 80mm / 430g
31.6 / 340mm / 100mm / 444g
31.6 / 390mm / 125mm / 520g
31.6 / 440mm / 150mm / 565g
31.6 / 490mm / 175mm / 598g

UK Pricing

  • £260.00 65MM 27.2/375
  • £290.00 100MM 27.2/410
  • £290.00 125MM 30.9/390
  • £290.00 125MM 31.6/390
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