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A truely breakthrough product, Rage-i is dropper performance at a never-seen-before-value. Being out most entry-level offering, Rage-i leaves nothing to compromise. Rage-i features a two micro-adjust head, stanchion tube that doubles as an open bath hydraulic cartridge body and an overall weight that gives competing droppers at three times the price something to worry about.

• Micro-adjust head clamp with black steel bolts
• Your choice of 75,100,125 and 150mm of infinitely adjustable travel
• Adjustable air sprung hydraulic open bath cartridge
• Black hard anodised stanchion
• Precision machined alloy mast with integrated seat collar
• All new keyway system
• Internally routed polycarbonate cable connectors
• Compatible with all Westy, Southpaw & KG Remotes

Diameters / Length / Travel / Weight
30.9mm / 292mm / 75mm / 410g
30.9mm / 342mm / 100mm / 458g
30.9mm / 392mm / 125mm / 506g
30.9mm / 442mm / 150mm / 549g
31.6mm / 292mm / 75mm / 425g
31.6mm / 342mm / 100mm / 475g
31.6mm / 392mm / 125mm / 525g
31.6mm / 442mm / 150mm / 570g

UK Pricing

  • £150.00 125MM 30.9/392
  • £150.00 125MM 31.6/392
  • £160.00 150MM 30.9/442
  • £160.00 150MM 31.6/442
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