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KS Zeta

Zeta represents a reinvention of dropper posts designed for a new era of riding and racing on roads and backroads alike. Available in 35 or 50mm of travel, Zeta’s hollow alloy stanchion is sized much like an integrated seat mast on race-level road and cross country bikes. Zeta can be used like a traditional dropper to lower the saddle for added clearance and room-to-move on the bike. However the stanchion can be sized to the rider at the lower end of the travel and zeta can be used to raise saddle height for improved body position in seated climbs. A compliment of performance features adorn Zeta to make it the competition-quality product you expect from KS.

BikeRadar talks about the Zeta

Diameters / Length / Travel / Weight
30.9 / 410mm / 35mm / 470g
30.9 / 435mm / 50mm / 490g
31.6 / 410mm / 35mm / 475g
31.6 / 435mm / 50mm / 495g

UK Pricing

  • £280.00 30.9mm - 50mm
  • £280.00 31.6mm - 50mm
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