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Helmet Fit Guide | Sweet Protection

All Sweet Protection helmets are made to ensure your safety and comfort whether you are riding your bike, paddling down the river or snowboarding in the backcountry.

Our helmets are categorized in three main categories; ski and snowboard, bike and paddle sports. Each category have individual needs for use and certifications, and it is obviously some seasonal changes as well. Helmets made for ski and snowboard are designed, tested and certified with the materials and construction which endure the cold weather. The helmets will keep you warm and they will work with your goggles. When you bike you typically would like to have as much venting as possible, hence the bike helmets have high focus on providing as good air flow as possible while still being as safe as possible. Here's a guide that will take you through how to size and choose the right helmet.  

Sizing and fit

The circumference of the head isn't a perfect circle – nor do different people have the same length to width ratio. Therefore, looking at sizes without trying can be a tricky task. But let's give it go.

1. Measuring your head

By measuring your head's maximum width (W) and length (L) and circumference (C), the guide below should help you pick the right size when trying the helmet isn't an option.

2. Try the helmet

A proper fitting helmet should be snug all the way around your head. It should not move around and you don't want any excess space between the helmet and your head. But it should not be so tight that you feel pressure or pain points. You can easily perform a "shake test" to check how your Sweet Protection helmet fits. Shake your head around with helmet on. If it moves on its own or shakes separately from you head, the helmet is too big. Use your hand and move the helmet to the left and right, up and down. The skin on your head should move with the helmet without the helmet shifting on its own. You can choose to buckle the helmet now. It will not impact the fit of the helmet, just keep the helmet on your head.

The Sweet Protection helmets can be adjusted to fit your head perfectly either by adjusting with Occigrip solution or with the fitpada that comes with the helmet.

The Sweet Protection adjustable fit systems

Occigrip adjustment from Sweet Protection

Occigrip Turn-dial Sweet Protection
Occigrip Turn-dial

Provides easy adjustment with a low volume mechanism. The Occigrip construction provides a firm and comfortable fit and prevents the helmet from rolling on your head. Adjustable in reach and height. Padded with soft silicone pads.


A snug and comfortable helmet fit is important. Place the Fitpads according to the supplied manual for the ultimate personalized fit. 

3. Fitting with goggles

Your goggles should fit comfortably with your goggle strap over the helmet. There should be no gap between the top of your goggles and the helmets (the so called "gaper gap"). As there are many different types of goggles on the market, we encourage you try the goggles with your Sweet Protection helmet in the store to ensure a best possible fit. 

4. When should a helmet be replaced?

Our helmets are made to absorb some of the potential energy of a blow. Even though damage may not be visible or apparent, it is imperative to discard and replace any helmet that has sustained a major impact in an accident, or has received a similarly severe blow. An inspection of the helmet might not reveal any apparent damage, but it might be there. We also advise that any helmet should be replaced after approximately three years of normal use, or sooner if exposed to long periods of sun, hard use, or any contact with chemicals. Your helmet must also be replaced if it does not fit anymore.

A helmet will be damaged if exposed to temperatures exceeding 62°C (approx. 150°F). Do not leave the helmet in a car (or similar) in hot weather, as it may easily exceed this temperature. If exposed to such temperatures, the helmet must be immediately discarded and replaced.

Our helmets will not perform as intended if you modify or replace any of the original elements included in the helmet. Please note that any customizing is not recommended, and that this will invalidate the warranty. Sweet Protection or its distributors accept no liability for damage or injuries resulting from misuse or from a modified helmet.

5. How to care for your helmet

For cleaning, use clean water (max temperature 30°C) and mild detergent only. Leave to dry naturally and not in contact with direct heat or on a hot surface. Avoid any applications of paint, adhesive stickers/transfers, cleaning fluids, chemicals and other solvents that may drastically reduce the protection properties.

For more details of our recommended care for Sweet Protection ptoducts please refer to our care guide